The company Fusion Welding Limited has been providing welding services to New Zealand and the South Pacific for over 25 years.  In September 2011 it became a division of Solo Plastics Limited, and adds field welding to Solo's already large range of fabricated services and moulded fittings.

This division adds another five specialised certified operators for extrusion, hot socket, butt weld and electro-fusion welding in the field. These employees all hold current welding, site safe and confined space certificates, as quality and safety are key milestones to the operations success.The equipment is all CNC based to provide welding parameter reports, and this with the weld maps are standard feedback for the client to ensure the quality of the pipeline. 

Now for the first time they also offer field tensile testing, so no longer does the welding samples need to be taken offsite for laboratory testing, but can be done in the field immediately saving time and cost for the client. 

Solo Plastics Limited is now able to offer its customers an extensive range of products and services in all aspects of plastic pipelines from 20mm to 1600mm. 

Fusion Welding

A Division of Solo Plastics Ltd