We are a leader in the field of polyethylene pipe welding. Our specialist team of highly skilled and experienced welders use only the best equipment to ensure our clients a quality job every time (see our testimonials).

Over the past few years we have completed contracts for over 10 of the largest councils in the North and South Islands. We also work with large contractors, both locally and overseas, in the water, sewer, landfill and gas industries.

Our welding service offers butt welding to 1200 OD with fully automatic CNC machines to 1000 OD, with print out capabilities for all welds completed.  

Is time an Issue?
Electro fusion Welding is ideal. Perfect for directional drilling or trenchless sites where the pipe is already in the ground. Fast and efficient welding with minimum disruption.

 Is cost a factor?
Then Butt Fusion Welding is ideal. Butt Welding is stronger and more cost effective, with less chance of leaks!

Security conscious?  We've solved your problem
From 630OD to 1000OD we have new fabricated containers to house our machines making us fully self contained once the pipes have been loaded in the machine.